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Levels: A Social Fitness App

Designed to make working out fun.



Why Levels?

Crafting the perfect diet and split is hard enough - Tracking your workouts shouldn't be. 

Levels is designed to be the ultimate workout companion. Our completely free base version allows you to elevate your workout experience and gain valuable insight to your fitness activities, with our VIP editions taking it a few steps further. 

You should be excited to go to the gym - Levels works to emphasize that emotion. As the only truly gamified fitness platform, Levels brings a unique approach to tracking workouts. 

All with a thoughtfully designed interface to ensure that you can perform at your best.


Gamifying Fitness

Level Up in the App               Level Up in the Gym


Dive into a gamified workout experience, complete with a leveling system, unlockable trophies, and weekly quests.


Leveling System

Points are awarded based on volume lifted, when trophies are unlocked, and when weekly quests are completed. Compete with your friends to climb the ranks!

Unlockable Trophies

Receive special trophies when you reach certain milestones in your training. 

Weekly Quests
Every week, new challenges will be announced. Complete these quests to level up faster!


Connect With Friends

Stay up to date with friend activity in the gym


Challenge your friends to competitions and earn rewards


Push each other to reach your goals


Coming soon...

We have some upcoming features in the works... Stay tuned!


VIP Access

We have some exciting new premium features coming soon!
Purchasing premium will unlock perks and functionality within the app to better your experience.

Enhanced Social Features

Like and comment on your friend's workouts. 

Send them a message whenever they are skipping the gym.

Friend Challenges

Challenge your friends to weekly competitions in the gym based on volume, self improvement, and more!
Wager in-app currency on these challenges to raise the stakes!

Meet Our Founders

Andrew Monreal

Andrew Monreal
Founder / CEO

Marc Choucair

Marc Choucair
Founder / COO

Benjamin Bates

Benjamin Bates
Founder / CTO

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